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Ekaterina Solomatina

Visual Artist

Ekaterina Solomatina is a Belfast-based fine artist who explores the potential of video art and installation. Ekaterina combines digital and physical employing film-making skills, digital graphics, sculpture and sound design developing most profound ways to reach her audience.  

Ekaterina is currently in receipt of Flax Emerging Artists Residency and is on a committee which curates the exhibiting space called Flax Project Space on North street 7, Belfast.  She is also a co-director of Platform Arts (an artist-led studio group and contemporary art gallery based in Belfast’s city centre). Artist's CV is available below.

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Ekaterina Solomatina's creative mission is best described with the Greek concept of 'Parrhesia'. Through her art Ekaterina explores 'forms of truth-telling' which require courage from both the speaker and the listener. Her aim is to create immanent dynamics where the listener or the viewer undergoes transformation at the point of connection with the visual art. 

[Parrhesia] - in classical rhetoric is free, frank, and fearless speech.
In ancient Greek thought, speaking with parrhesia meant "saying everything" or "speaking one's mind."


Ekaterina Solomatina invites her audience to partake in an empirical experiment of processing art, history, and reality as a whole, suggesting the viewer to rediscover cultural coordinates established in the past, same time as allowing the mind to wander off and look for the new reference points and anchors. This state of an intuitive, present, vivid creative mind is what Ekaterina is striving to work with.


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