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Forming Formidable

"Forming Formidable" is a collaborative project by digital experience sculptor Ekaterina Solomatina and Inner Stream social engagement artist Bronagh Lawson. It involves local community children as co-creators of an immersive augmented reality exhibition featuring monsters and heroes. Workshops will be conducted for children to develop characters, movement, sound recordings, and experiment with AI visualization tools. The project aims to sculpt characters based on children's voice recordings using Zbrush and Blender, integrate them into the Unity game engine for interactive experiences, and render heroes in motion using motion tracking data. ACNI funding will cover development, artist fees, integration costs, and technical support, aiming to diversify the use of VR/AR in arts and public sectors in Northern Ireland. "Forming Formidable" emphasizes mindful storytelling and participatory fine art, offering a unique AR experience blending two worlds. It aims to harness VR/AR technology advancements and foster community engagement. The project's cross-sectoral nature integrates art therapy, performance, sculpture, digital art, and game development, with goals to enhance skills, inspire future collaborations, and attract funding opportunities.

Hands Pattern

"Forming Formidable" is to be workshopped in April/ May 2024 and to be developed over the summer 2024. Stay tunned for more updates.

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